Mighty Loons are a high-energy Rock 'n' Roll Band who, while they may journey into the realms of Reggae, Bluegrass, or Beyond, never forget the Roots from whence they came, that which provides the very Foundation of all they create.....The Classic Rock of the `60s and `70s.

  Mighty Loons began Rocking the Greater Burlington Metroplex back at Nectar's  in 1991.  Since then, they have played a variety of venues all over Vermont and upstate New York.  They play a highly danceable mixture of original music and classic covers that sound fresh as well as oddly familiar...

Here's some of what Steve Lemcke of the Burlington Free Press had to say about 'Beginner's Guide to the Mighty Loons'

"...From   the laid-back reggae of the opener 'Mighty Loon' to the funky blues of the follower 'Stalks of Wild Wheat', the band shows the requisite versatility to play all danceable styles palatable to crunchier folks. Most of the songs, like the trucker-as-cowboy '18 Wheels a-Rollin'', provide room for the guitarists to... supply plenty of fireworks as each takes turn ripping things up and keeping it all sewn together with tricky rhythms. It's as if Bob Weir and Stevie Ray Vaughan found themselves in the same band ...The Mighty Loons are obviously true believers in the old-school style of groove rock as equal parts instrumental prowess and a bizarre sense of humor. "                                                                                           





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