Loon Story ~~~~~~~~Part One~~~~~~~~~~

The Loons came into existence in the spring of 1990 when Drummer Ben Carlisle joined the group comprised of Lars Murdock {Vox, Lead Guitar,Harp}, Rob Root {Bass}, & Bob Bushnell {Vox, Guitar} , who had been jamming together for nearly a year...playing under such names as 'Rockin' the Park' and the 'Toasted Expatriate Kings of Rock 'n' Roll' at Parties and one memorable 'Country Jamboree'... Basically the addition of Ben allowed us to play Reggae, and thus 'The Mighty Loon'.. The epochal gigs for this version of the band took place in the fall of that year...Three different parties, different setup each time at Hunter Farm, a very long, large barn set upon the Browns River, in October...The finale was Halloween , 30 degrees and the name of the Band spelled out in Jack-O Lanterns!! ... We also recorded our first demo during the span... That demo led to the next phase...playing out in Burlington , but alas, Rob Root left us before we actually did so...Andy Gale joined us on Bass ...Our first Nectar’s show was March 7 1991...We played around and about Vermont and the area for about a year and a half...We also made our first studio recording{at Joe Egan’s Jet Sound}at around this time, an Untitled, Unreleased EP...



Loon Story ~~~~~~~~Part Three~~~~~~~~~~

which brings us to the fall of 1998, when that band happened to feature Mike, as well as Lars, with Mark Nigels on the drums...With the departure of their rhythm guitarist to New York, and Bob on the loose from the recently imploded Brown, The Mighty Loons rose again [not unlike the proverbial phoenix] to debut at Nectar’s on Super Bowl Sunday 1999... The ensuing year and the next saw many exciting shows in various venues, including the ‘millenium’ and Halloween shows at Charlie-O’s, The High School Dance at Mount Abe, Mike’s Fabulous Fiftieth Party at Starksboro Town Hall featuring the one and only appearance of Bucky the Beaver.. And, lest we forget...The Incomparable Bulwagga Bay...Also during this period , The Band recorded 'Babylon Sessions' at Lars’ studio, and also recorded a night at Nectar’s for the three disc set entitled'Total Eclipse-an Evening with the Mighty Loons'


Loon Story ~~~~~~~~Part Two~~~~~~~~~~

Alas, this Golden period of the band came to an end, as Andy announced his departure...His last show [fittingly at Nectar’s] happened to coincide with a Phish show at the Flynn, The Summer of 1992 saw a hiatus for the band, before Bass auditions finally produced Mike Lathrop, who joined the Band in September...We played through the Winter, including one memorable show[Once again, a Halloween gig], A Blacklight/Shroomfest at a Fraternity of Union College in New York... This edition of the Loons saw its end at the Pirate Prom in Montgomery in May of ‘93...The Stage was the Bow of a ship, and Zoot Wilson joined Ben & Lars for a jam! In the ensuing years,Ben moved to Boston,Bob played with Motel Brown, and Lars formed Dr. Plaid, and later, Cold Steel Breeze...




Loon Story ~~~~~~~~Part Four~~~~~~~~~~

The next chapter begins 2 years after the ‘re-formation’, in late January of 2001. Mike left to pursue new musical directions; Stepping back into the Bass slot was none other than Rob Root,eager to breathe some new/old life into the Loons!~ We captured the freshness by immediately recording 'A Beginner's Guide to the Mighty Loons',released in 2002 ... The next phase begins in fall 2004... Rob had departed;...Marko knew 'a guy' from work, who turned out to be Jesse Grandshaw who joined us just in time to participate in the recording of the Majestic Concept album'Rivers of 'Highway'; Which brings us to 2009...it seemed like the end of the Loons after Mark had moved down South, until original Bass Player Robert Root stepped up one more time! A few auditions later, we had the impeccable Nate Scott manning the skins as 'Contraption Player' #3, his debut a gig opening for the VT Lake Monsters Baseball Team at Centennial Field! 2009 merged lovingly into 2010 with a triumphant return to Nectar's celebrating Twenty Years of Mighty Loons ~ 2011 & 2012 saw mostly shows at the Brewski in Jeffersonville, and we kicked off 2013 with a show in Lars' Hometown of Winooski~

...And Haile G. flaps his wings, and another day passes into night...

~Until Such Time~




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